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The Nomads

"The Nomads" is an augmented reality math board game that trains students' adaptive number knowledge. In the game, players assume the roles of tribal leaders as they lead their people through three geographical locations. They need to use math skills and strategic thinking skills to be a good leader. 


"Rotasi" is an augmented reality mental rotation training game. In the game, you are to rotate the analog cube till the virtual object attached to it matches the reference image in the right corner. The player who can finish the game with the highest scores within the shortest amount of time wins the game


May force be with you

"May Force be with You" is a multi-level digital game that teaches Newton's Laws of Physics. In the game, you assume the role of a young monk who is training Kungfu under the Shaolin Master. To learn the art of "Force", you have to go through a series of training (modular levels in Newton's Laws) to reach the final level. 

AR Chinese

AR Chinese vocabulary cards allow you to generate accurate Chinese pronunciation on your Chinese vocabulary card deck. See Privacy Policy.

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